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What is a director?

The directors of a company are appointed by the shareholders (owners) of a company to manage it on a day-to-day basis. The directors have the authority to run the company as they see fit.

Who can be a director?

A director must not be currently bankrupt or disqualified from acting as a director. They must also be aged over 16-years-old.

Is there a minimum number of directors required?

No, a Private Limited Company may have only one director (who may also be a shareholder/owner)

Does a director have to be UK resident?

No, a director can be based abroad.

Can a company appoint new directors?

Shareholders can add a new director at any time after company incorporation, and you may use our service for this process.

How is a director removed?

A director may resign from office, or be removed by Ordinary Resolution. Rules must be followed and it is recommended you seek further advice for the correct process by using our service. You must be aware that if the director is also an employee, they may have additional rights as an employee and legal advice should be sought.

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