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Register your new UK limited company with a virtual business bank account for £549 +VAT

The perfect package for business owners looking to register a UK limited company with a business bank account. This package is ideal for businesses looking to quickly start trading.

Barklay Bank
Lloyds Bank
Worldpay Bank
Google Bank
Secure Trading

What’s included in the international all-inclusive with virtual bank account package?

Digital copies of all new company documents

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As soon as your company is incorporated (registered), we will email you digital PDF copies of:

  • Your certificate of incorporation
  • Your share certificates
  • Your memorandum and articles of association
  • Your company register with first entries.

Printed certificate of incorporation and share certificates (free international courier delivery)

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As soon as your company is incorporated, we will print and post your official certificate of incorporation and share certificates.

Super-fast online service (no signatures or paperwork)

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Our registration process is handled entirely online. There's no need for you to fill complicated forms or submit unnecessary paperwork.

Inclusive of Companies House and all other government fees

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Our package price includes the Companies House registration fee of £10. Our pricing policy is fair, transparent and straightforward, and there are no additional hidden charges.

Registered office (London, HA4)

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All UK companies require a registered office address for HMRC and Companies House to send official letters. Your company’s registered office address is available to view by the public.

To avoid your home address being shown to the general public, you can opt for our registered office address service. Our prestigious College House, 2nd Floor, 17 King Edwards Road, London address will appear on the public record as the official registered address of your company.

We will receive your company’s official statutory mail at our office. Statutory mail for the purposes of this service is mail received from HMRC or Companies House. We will open, scan and forward all official mail to the email address given during your application. This service is renewable on a yearly basis for a small fee of £35 +VAT.

Director's service address (London, HA4)

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This service allows the directors, shareholders and PSCs (Persons of Significant Control) of a business to protect the privacy of their homes from the general public. Our prestigious London address will appear on the public record as the official address of a company officer. You can avoid unsolicited letters, visitors and associated security risks. You and your family are also safeguarded from potential identity theft.

We will receive a company officer’s statutory mail at our office. Statutory mail for the purposes of this service is mail received from HMRC or Companies House. We will open, scan and forward all official mail to the email address given during your application. Our director’s service address is renewable for a competitive annual fee of £24 +VAT.

Virtual address (mail forwarding service) - London, HA4

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You can now use our prestigious London address as your virtual address or business correspondence address. We will receive all your non-statutory business-related letters and parcels at our offices. We will scan and send these to your email, or you can choose to have your mail forwarded to your postal address for an additional charge of 50p + postage per item.

This service allows you to avoid unsolicited letters, visitors and associated security risks. We will automatically eliminate and destroy junk mail for free.

Your virtual address will be:

College House, 2nd Floor, 17 King Edwards Road, London, HA4 7AE

£50 deposit for mail forwarding (included)

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This £50 deposit will be credited to your account and used for forwarding your mail to your UK or international address. Our mail forwarding rates are standard Royal Mail charges plus a 50p handling fee per item. Mail will be forwarded to you on a weekly basis. When your deposit depletes to under £5, we will notify you and ask you top it up.

Our mail forwarding service lets you keep your residential address private while allowing you to receive letters or parcels from suppliers or customers at a prestigious London address. We will automatically eliminate and destroy junk mail for free.

Free consultation with an accountant — Get advice on VAT, accounting and legal obligations

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Receive a one-hour free consultation with an accountant over the phone, Skype or live chat from wherever you are. Our certified accountants provide:

  • Free tax-saving tips
  • Advice on avoiding costly accountancy mistakes
  • Free advice on your legal obligations

Free business phone number

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Support your business launch with a professional number — no need to give out your private home or mobile details!

You can forward calls to any mobile or landline and take it with you wherever you go. When the phone rings, you get an alert that it’s a business call. You can answer, reject the call or take a message. No office, contract or extra handsets needed! This service includes our call recording and online portal, giving you access to your settings and voicemails 24/7.

Free Worldpay merchant account

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We have partnered with Worldpay to offer a payment gateway facility that lets you accept credit card payments online. Worldpay works with all business types and sizes. When you select this option on our checkout page, we will apply to Worldpay on your behalf. Your application will be given a higher priority for fast-track approval.

Free business startup and marketing guides

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Get a free business startup guide written by our accounting and marketing experts. Our guide helps you understand your legal obligations and offers advice on efficiently running your new business. The topics covered in our guide include:

  • Working from home
  • Paying yourself
  • Allowable/disallowable expenses
  • Mileage allowance
  • Handling employees
  • Expenses management
  • Insurance and lots more

Free £75 Google AdWords voucher

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Kick-start your business with this exclusive offer from Google. Get a £75 Google Ads voucher for free when you spend your first £25 on the ads platform. Google Ads allows you to serve targeted ads to users who search on Google for terms related to the product or service you provide, and it can be a fantastic way of quickly earning qualified traffic to your website. This offer is subject to Google’s terms and conditions. We also offer 30-minute free consultation with Google Ads and one of our marketing experts to ensure you make the most of your spend.

Free domain name

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Get a free ( domain name for 12 months supplied by one the world’s leading domain name companies. This offer is applicable when you buy a web hosting plan for just £3.53 per month. Get 1GB space, 25GB data transfer and 25 email accounts in your web hosting plan. Launch your business with a website and get professional email accounts in your business's name with this fantastic offer.

Free online company manager account (web portal)

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You get free access to our easy-to-use company manager portal, which allows you to:

  • Edit or change your company address, accounting dates and director details
  • File annual returns with ease
  • Receive reminders about important filing dates to avoid unwanted penalties
  • Form new companies effortlessly
  • Securely download and print your company documents
  • Access billing history, invoices and more.

Free customer support for the life of your company

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At Mint Formations, we offer free customer support for life. Our company formation experts are just a phone call or live chat message away. Whatever your query, we're always here and happy to help.

Corporate hijack protection

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Prevent your company from becoming a victim of identity theft. Receive an alert every time a change to your company is made at Companies House.

Identity theft of a company is a growing problem in the UK and costs businesses millions of pounds every year. Fraudsters and criminals amend official registration details and use unscrupulous methods to get loans and attack your bank account.

When you use our service, you will get an instant alert when a change is recorded at Companies House. You can quickly investigate the reason and prevent any attempts at hijacking your company details.

Pre-submission review

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Our experts will manually review your application for errors and correct them before submitting it to Companies House. It's a time-consuming and expensive process to make any changes after you incorporate your new company — with our pre-submission review, you can easily avoid it.

VAT registration for your new company (if required)

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If you need or want to register your company for VAT , we will take care of the formalities and process your application on your behalf.

Why do companies register for VAT?

Companies register for VAT if they expect their turnover to exceed £85,000 in the next 12 months. It is a legal requirement to register for VAT unless your business is exempt. If your company turnover is expected to be less than £85,000, you can still register voluntarily.

How do we register your business for VAT?

As soon as we incorporate your company, we will email you a questionnaire. This questionnaire will request additional information for VAT registration with HMRC. Once we receive the requested information, we will file it with HMRC on your behalf. The VAT approval process usually takes between eight and 21 days.

As soon as your VAT registration is approved, we will send the details to you by email. You will receive your VAT registration certificate by post from HMRC.

PAYE registration service (if required)

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With our PAYE registration service, we can register your company for PAYE (pay as you earn) with HMRC. This enables the director to take a salary or pay employees.

As soon as your company is registered, we will contact you via email to get some additional information to complete your PAYE registration application with HMRC.

This process normally takes around three to four weeks and your PAYE information will be sent to you by post directly from HMRC. You can still process your salary payments within this period and complete your PAYE return after you receive your PAYE registration from HMRC.

Live personal manager support (get step-by-step help during registration)

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Worried about making mistakes? Your dedicated personal manager will guide you through the entire process step by step.

Getting your PSCs mixed up with your shareholders, or confused about SIC codes, share capital and registered addresses? After you complete the payment process, your allocated personal manager will connect with you to hold your hand and guide you through every step of your new company registration. We take the stress out of registering your business.

Business email account setup (2 email accounts)

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Now that you are a business owner, you don't want to use a generic Yahoo or Gmail email address. While perfect for your personal account, your business needs something more professional. That's why we'll set you up with two business email accounts ( in your business's name.

You also get your own business website domain registered to you for 12 months. This service can be renewed each year and more email addresses can be added as needed any time for an additional fee — it's perfect for small businesses planning to scale and hire new employees. You can also opt for our our website design service at a special discounted rate.

Annual confirmation statement filing service (for the first year)

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A confirmation statement is a document that company directors must complete at least once every 12 months and deliver to Companies House. This confirms the registered details of a company at a certain date. If you fail to file this on time, Companies House may take steps to forcibly dissolve the company, and it can also adversely affect your company's credit rating.

We will prepare and file your confirmation statement with Companies House so that you don't have to worry about complex paperwork or missing deadlines.

Virtual bank account setup (non-UK residents)

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We work with institutions that offer UK virtual bank account for non-UK residents. This is an ideal solution for businesses with non-resident directors. You will get a UK bank account number, sort code and IBAN number.

Using your virtual UK bank account, you can receive payments in GBP via credit card or bank transfer and make payments to your suppliers’ bank accounts or HMRC. You can also receive payments from marketplaces such as Amazon and send payments to other bank accounts within the UK via bank transfer. Want to transfer your balance to your local bank account? You can use ATM cards or withdraw funds to the bank account in your country.

We will examine your suitability, prepare the paperwork, facilitate the necessary documents and complete and submit your application for fast-track approval. The process could take anywhere from one to four weeks.

Note: There are few restrictions with the virtual bank account and it may not be offered to high-risk individuals or those working in high-risk regions/business types. However, we work closely with these providers to secure a bank account for most of our overseas customers. If in any case your bank account application is rejected, we will refund the £200 set-up fee.

Looking for More? See Our Other Packages Below

International all-inclusive with high street bank account package £899 +VAT

With this, get everything from our international all-inclusive with virtual bank account package and more:

High street bank account setup (for non-UK residents)

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To receive this service, you must be prepared to travel to the UK with the required documents.

Opening a high street bank account for companies with overseas resident directors is becoming increasingly difficult. However, we have special arrangements with a popular high street bank to provide this service.

We will examine your suitability, prepare all the paperwork, facilitate the necessary documents and complete and submit your application with a UK high street bank for fast-track approval. After submitting the application, you must travel to the UK with the necessary supporting documents and present them to the bank representatives face to face. If required, our banking representative can attend the meeting alongside you.

Please note that we do not assist with visa/work permit or travel requirements and you must arrange these yourself.

International all-inclusive with virtual bank account — £549

Register your UK limited company with complete peace of mind and open an online bank account without travelling to the UK.


Frequently asked questions

Do I have to visit the UK to register my new UK company?

No. Mint Formations makes it easy for you to register a company. You can officially register your UK limited company from wherever you live in the world, and you don't have to be a UK citizen or resident to incorporate your new UK business.

You can complete the entire registration process online by following our simple four-step process.

What are the basic requirements for an overseas resident to register a UK company?

Your company should have one director and one shareholder aged over 16. The same person can be both a director and a shareholder. The company should also have a UK registered office address (included with our international packages). These are the only basic requirements for an overseas resident to register a UK company.

What documents do you require to register my UK company?

We require proof of ID and address for the shareholders and directors of the new company. Please note that you need to send these documents only after the company is incorporated and not before. This means you can start the registration process immediately without having your identification requirements to hand. We require proof within 30 days of payment.

Can I register my existing overseas company in the UK?

Yes. This is called registering a place of business for your overseas company in the UK. The process is slightly complicated, as it requires a UK resident to act as a permanent representative for the company in the UK, and this person must be authorised to accept documents on behalf of your company. We do not currently offer this service — please refer to Companies House for more information.

The easier alternative is to register a new UK limited company with the overseas company owning all shares in the new company.

How do I place an order?

We make the process of placing an order incredibly easy and intuitive. All you need to do is:

  1. Choose a company name
  2. Select a package
  3. Choose your add-ons and complete payment
  4. Enter your company registration details and submit the form.

Then, our team will take the reins and handle the registration process for you. We will be in touch to request any additional information we need, and our team is always on hand to answer your questions and keep you updated.

What are the points to remember when registering a UK limited company?

  • Your company name should end with “Limited” or “LTD”
  • A minimum of one director and one shareholder should be appointed (one person can be both)
  • The directors and shareholders can be any nationality and reside anywhere in the world
  • The new company’s registered office address should be in the UK (our international packages include a registered office address in central London)
  • All names and address of all appointments (directors or shareholders) should be submitted
  • The minimum share capital for a UK limited company is £0.01 — there is no upper limit
  • The minimum number of shares issued is one (one shareholder operating as director and owning the single share will own 100% of the company)

How long will it take to complete the whole process?

The entire process can take as little as three hours and up to 48 hours. The speed processing depends entirely on the Companies House queue on any given day. If you need to urgently form your company, we recommend opting for our same-day service. This express service guarantees same-day formation provided the application is correctly submitted before 14:00 GMT on a working day.

What address should I use to register my new company?

All companies are legally required to have a registered address in the UK. This must be a physical address in the UK and not a PO box. This is the address where all official communication by HMRC and Companies House will be sent. Our international packages include a premium London registered office address.

What are your annual renewal charges?

The registration fee is a one-time cost, so you only need to pay once. However, our address services are priced annually — if you opt for these, you can choose to renew them. Our package price covers your entire first year. Our other services are renewable for the following costs:

  • Registered office service: £35 + VAT (for 12 months)
  • Directors address service: £24 + VAT (for 12 months per officer)
  • Business address service: £99 + VAT (for 12 months)

How is Mint different from other UK formation agencies?

There are many company formation agencies in the UK, and many of them offer similar services, prices, packages and timescales when it comes to registering and maintaining your new UK company. So how are we different from other formation agencies?

Most company formation agencies operate like faceless corporate entities. At Mint, we're like the familiar family-owned business across the road. We offer a friendly service with a personal touch. Whenever we register a new company for any of our clients, we approach it as if we are starting up our own company for the very first time.

We have started businesses from scratch and understand the anxiety that every business owner experiences when launching a new company. That's why we're always on hand to take your phone calls or speak to you via live chat and offer caring support no matter which service you opt for or where you are in the process. No question is too small, trivial or stupid — and we'll answer every one with a smile.

We will either guide you through the process so you can do it yourself or we can do it on your behalf. While most other agencies require you to struggle through with the complex terminology, rules, legislation and associated jargon, we keep it simple so you can complete your application in a breeze.

Our friendly and personal touch and dedication to making your entrepreneurial journey as easy as possible are how we stand out from other agencies. Give us a try and you’ll instantly notice the difference.

Do I need to sign any paperwork for company registration?

No. You can form your company completely online — there is no need to send documentation by post or sign and return any paperwork. Simply follow our step-by-step process to register your company.

How do our prices compare to other formation agencies?

Our prices are fair, competitive and, like for like, the best in the industry. We have carefully crafted our company registration packages to give you everything you need and provide fantastic value for money.

We not only offer the best prices, but we have also negotiated great deals with leading companies to offer additional products and services at greatly reduced prices. These are available exclusively for Mint customers.

We continually aim to improve the offers we provide our customers, but one thing we never do is to deliberately entice you with a low price and shock you with extras at a later stage.

What documents will I get via email after my company registration?

Once your new company is registered with Companies House, you will receive an email containing:

  • Your certificate of incorporation
  • Your memorandum and articles of association
  • Share certificates for each shareholder
  • Your company register with first entries

Do you also refer UK residents for merchant accounts?

We partner with Worldpay to provide you with a merchant account. However, please note that you need a UK business bank account to open a merchant account.

Can you help me step by step while I complete my registration online?

Yes, we can hold your hand and guide you step by step during the registration process. If you get stuck or have any questions, contact our live chat support and we will be happy to help.

Why is it difficult to open a business bank account in the UK?

It is becoming increasingly difficult to set up a business bank account with a major UK bank unless you live and work in the UK. That’s because all UK banks follow strict anti-money laundering (AML) regulations and Know Your Customer (KYC) rules. which make it mandatory for the customer to visit the UK for a meeting with the bank. However, we do have arrangements with a few banks that may be able to offer business bank accounts for overseas directors.

Do I have to live in the UK to open a business bank account?

You do not have to live in the UK to open a business bank account. There are no legal restrictions that prevent non-UK residents and non-UK citizens from opening a UK business bank account. However, most banks follow stringent procedures to open a business bank account for overseas residents due to money laundering, funding for illegal activities and fraud concerns and associated administrative costs.

Do you also help with opening savings or personal bank accounts?

No, we can only help you open a business bank account if you are a non-UK resident director already running or planning to register a business with us.

Why do overseas directors prefer a virtual bank account?

A virtual bank account is a preferable option for non-UK residents looking to open a business bank account as it does not require a visit to the UK. Our team will handle all the required paperwork and procedures, making it a hassle-free process for non-resident directors.

If you are looking to set up a high street bank account and are prepared to come to the UK with the necessary documentation, a member of our team can attend the meeting with the bank representative.

What features are included in a virtual bank account?

  • You will get a UK bank account number, sort code and IBAN.
  • You can use a virtual bank account to receive payments in GBP via credit card or bank transfer
  • You can make payments to your supplier’s bank accounts or HMRC
  • You can receive payments from marketplaces such as Amazon
  • You can send payments via bank transfer to a local bank account in your country
  • You can use debit/ATM cards to withdraw funds
  • You can link your PayPal account with your virtual bank account

How long will it take to open a virtual bank account?

Setting up a virtual bank account normally takes between three to four weeks but may be quicker. Once your company is registered in the UK, our team will contact you to help you open your virtual bank account in the UK.

Do I need a virtual office (mail forwarding address) to apply for a business bank account?

Yes, you will need a UK virtual office address to apply for a business bank account. This is included in every one of our international packages except the classic package, in which case, you can purchase it separately.

What documents are required to open a virtual bank account?

Generally, you will have to provide two different documents to satisfy our proof of identity and address requirements, although valid documents differ from bank to bank. In most cases, the following are acceptable forms of identification:

  • Driving licence
  • Passport
  • National identity card
  • Tenancy agreement or mortgage statement
  • An electricity or gas bill (less than three months old)
  • A recent (less than three-months-old) bank or credit card statement. These must be bank-issued statements and not printed from the internet
  • A recent tax bill

In many cases, a valid identity proof document issued by your respective government should be satisfactory. The bank will contact you directly regarding document requirements.

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