8 Points to Remember while Registering your New UK Limited Company

Are you planning to set up your UK Limited Company Online? Registering your UK limited Company has never been easier; the process is entirely online and takes less than 10 Minutes to complete. But there are some important points to remember while registering your Company.

8 most important points to remember while registering your UK Limited Company:

  • Your Company name must end with ‘Limited’ or ‘LTD’
  • Your new company’s registered office address must be a valid UK Address
  • You must appoint a minimum of 1 Director & 1 Shareholder (One person can be both)
  • The Directors and Shareholders can be any of nationality & reside anywhere in the world but this must be mentioned during the submission
  • Name and residential address of All appointments (Directors or Shareholders)
  • The Minimum Share capital for a UK limited Company is £1 (Example: 100 shares of £0.01 or 1 of £1) and there is no maximum limit
  • The minimum number of shares issued must be at least 1 (This is done by default)
  • Person’s of Significant Control (PSC) must be disclosed on the PSC register, for example, any person owning more than 25% of the company

If you are looking to register your limited company you can use our simple and Easy to use online system to set up your company in less than 10 Minutes.

Note: For Non-UK Citizens Please visit our Non-UK Company Formation

Incorporating your Limited Company

You can incorporate your limited by Shares Company electronically on our System. During the registration, you will have to fill a simple order form. You can review the information you provided and save the summary before you submit it for review. Our formations experts will review (if you had opted for pre-submission review) the form carefully before submitting them to Companies House for approval.

Note: At any point during the registration you can get help from our live chat team, and you can also get this form filled by our company formation experts at a small additional fee of £20.

Once Companies House approves your submission, your company will be incorporated and we will send you all the documents of registration after which you can start trading.

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