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Registered office address in London

London registered office address service

When you register a company name , you need to have a recognised office address. Mint Formations is a registered office address provider where you can use our prestigious London address as your office address. Essentially, we provide comprehensive company formation services in the UK, offering a registered office that increases your credibility. This popular service can also protect the privacy of your home address while enhancing the corporate image of your new company with a prestigious London address.

With our registered office address, all your official (statutory) mail will be received at our offices. We will open, scan and forward all official mail to the email address provided during your application. Please note that the statutory/official mail is mail from HMRC and Companies House only. At just £35 a year, our registered office service is very popular with business owners and limited company directors in the UK. We also offer UK company formation for non-residents , with customers benefiting from a transparent and swift service and the added incentive of a registered office address in London.

Advantages of using our registered office address service:

  • You can hide your residential address from the internet, marketing agencies and the public
  • You can protect your home address from being displayed on the public register of companies
  • Non-UK residents can benefit from a UK address to register their company
  • You can protect yourself from being a victim of identity fraud
  • You can prevent unsolicited letters and mail from marketing agencies
  • You can prevent customers or visitors arriving at your home address
  • You can enhance your business appeal by giving it a prestigious registered office address in London

Where can I use my registered office address?

  • As the registered address of your company (mandatory requirement)
  • To open an HMRC account (mandatory requirement)
  • To open a UK business bank account (mandatory requirement)
  • On your website and stationery, in your signature and more

What is a registered office?

A registered office address is one of the legal requirements to register a UK limited company or limited liability partnership company in the UK. It should be provided to Companies House, HMRC and any other government bodies and will be used as the official address to deliver all legal notices and statutory documents. Banks or financial institutions may also require your registered office address.

Should my business be carried out in the specified registered office address?

No. There are no such legal requirements, and your registered office address in London might just be your mail correspondence address with Companies House and HMRC. Most non-UK residents use a registered office address provider to get a physical address in the UK so that they can register their business.

Can a non-UK resident use your registered office address for limited company registration?

Yes. Non-UK residents can use our registered office address in London to register a limited company in the UK. In fact, it is included in all our international packages , so you don’t have to buy it separately if you are forming your company through us.

Do you also offer directors’ service addresses?

Yes. You can use our director’s service address (director’s address protection service) to hide your home address on the public domain. It is also included in most of our UK company formation packages .

Do you also offer virtual office address service?

Yes. We also offer a UK virtual office address (mail forwarding), which you can use as a business correspondence address to receive letters from your customers and vendors in the UK. We will receive your business mail at our address and we will forward it via postal service to your preferred address (anywhere in the world) for a small handling fee.

Can I use your registered office service for my existing company?

Yes. You can use our registered office address service for your existing company at any time. Follow these four simple steps:

  1. Buy our registered office address
  2. You will get a new online company manager account
  3. Import your existing company on to our online company manager (using your company number and authentication code)
  4. We will notify Companies House of the address change (on your behalf)
  5. Simply call us if you have any questions and we will help you.

Note: Please feel free to connect with our live chat support team, who will help you through the entire process.

Can I use my home address as a registered office?

You can use your home address as your registered office address, but it is not recommended. Your home address will be on the public register for everyone to see. Your privacy is exposed on the internet, where unscrupulous individuals and marketing agencies could access your home address. Therefore, we recommend using our company registered address service to protect your privacy.

Do I need a registered office address?

  1. A registered office address is a Companies House legal requirement for all limited companies and LLPs
  2. A registered office address must be revealed on all company stationery (and your website)
  3. An office address is mandatory to receive official company mail from HMRC and Companies House
  4. Companies House and HMRC will also use this address to send official statutory mail — we will forward these to your address with this service.

Can I change my registered office address after company formation?

Yes. Your registered office address can be changed any time after the company is formed. However, it must always be in the same country and should be a physical address. All your business stationery, correspondence and websites must clearly display the new registered office address, and you must notify Companies House about this change. If you purchase this service from us, we will notify Companies House on your behalf.

How is your registered office service different from your director’s address service?

A registered office service is for the company, while our director’s address service is for the directors (or secretaries) of the company. These are two different services and must be purchased separately.

All company directors, shareholders with significant control and company secretaries must provide a service address to Companies House. This address will be displayed on the public register. If you, as a director (or secretary), do not wish to use your private address, you can opt for our director’s address service .

Can I receive business mail, letters or parcels at my registered office address?

No. Mint Formations’ registered office service covers only the receipt of statutory mail from authorities including Companies House and HMRC.

If you want to receive mail, letters or parcels, you can buy our business address service, which would cover this. Our business address service for mail forwarding delivers your mail to our prestigious London company address. We will then forward it to an address of your choice.

How much does the registered office service cost after the first year?

Our annual renewal fee for London registered office service is £35.00 plus VAT.

What is included in this registered office service for non-UK residents?

Our registered office address in London can be used as your official registered office address with Companies House and HMRC. We will receive all your official statutory mail at our office. We will open, scan and forward all official mail to the email address given during your application. Please note that statutory/official mail comprises correspondence from HMRC and Companies House only.

If you want your business mail from customers, vendors or banks to be forwarded to you, you will need to also buy our virtual office address . .

Why we need proof of address and ID?

In compliance with the Anti Money Laundering (AML) regulations, Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements and the London Local Authorities Act, we are mandated to collect and verify proof of ID and proof of address from customers who use our registered office address service.

What identification documents are accepted as ID proof?

In our welcome email, we will send you the list of documents that can be used as an address and ID proof. We will ask you to provide TWO forms of identification documents from the list.

What happens after I buy the registered office address service?

You will receive a welcome email from our support team. You can then start using our registered office address in London for your websites and stationery. You are required to send your proof of ID and proof of address for our records and to continue using our service.

Alternate ways to buy this registered office address

As part of the company formation package

Our registered office service is available at a discounted rate when you opt for our company formation packages . It is included in our privacy or all-inclusive company formation packages or as an optional extra with other packages. It is also included with all our global packages.

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Create an account and add your existing company

Do you want to use our registered office for your existing company? Create an account on our website and add your company details (company number and authentication code). You can then buy our registered office service and we will notify Companies House of your address change.

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Registered office address in London

London registered office address service

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