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Setting up a Limited Company with Bespoke Articles of Association (Owner Supplied)

Do you want to incorporate your new limited company with bespoke articles of association? You can do so with the Mint Formations bespoke articles of association package.

Our standard service will register your company at Companies House using our standard memorandum and articles of association. While this is fine for most business types, some directors may want to use customised articles. If you plan on creating customised articles for your business, this is the package for you.

What Are Bespoke Articles of Association?

Your business’s articles of association document your company's constitution and form a guide to how you will manage the day-to-day operations. They outline all aspects of how your business will operate, including: 

  • The rights, liability and duties of members

  • The power and responsibilities of directors 

  • How profits are distributed

  • Details of director appointments and removals

  • How decisions are made

  • Administrative duties.

Most new private limited companies use standard articles of association, but certain new businesses require tailored articles. If you’re setting up a limited company that has more than one share class or multiple shareholders, it may be worth considering creating bespoke articles of association. This lets you ensure the document reflects your agreements and tailors it specifically to your business’s needs. 

If you're planning to develop your articles of association from scratch, you should seek legal advice to avoid errors that can cause problems later on and slow down registration timeframes.

If you are supplying custom articles to incorporate a limited company, please ensure that they are in the right format:

  • The document must be in Microsoft Word (.doc/.docx) or PDF format

  • The text must be legible and the font clear

  • The proposed new company name must be clearly written on the document.

What’s Included in the Bespoke Articles of Association Package?

  • Formation of your new UK private limited company

  • Bespoke memorandum and articles of association

  • Super-fast online service (no signatures or paperwork)

  • Digital copies of all company documents (certificate of incorporation, memorandum and articles of association, share certificates, company register with first entries and minutes of meeting)

  • Registered office (London, HA4)

  • Director’s service address (London, HA4 for one officer)

  • Web authentication code

  • Printed copies of official documents

  • Corporate hijack protection

  • Pre-submission review.

Optional Free Extras

Free business bank account (with cashback offers)
Free business startup and marketing guides
Free consultation with an accountant
Free £75 Google Ads voucher
Free business phone number
Free digital marketing consultation
Free domain name
Free online company manager account (web portal)
Free customer support for the life of your company.

Bespoke Articles of Association FAQs

Is It Necessary for Every Company to Have Articles of Association? 

When you set up a limited company , you are legally required to create a memorandum and articles of association. At the time of formation, you will submit both of these documents to Companies House alongside your application to register your business. 

Are Bespoke Articles of Association Legally Binding? 

Yes. Your company’s articles of association are legally binding on the company and all of its members. For this reason, if you are creating bespoke articles of association, you should have them checked by a legal professional. 

What’s the Difference Between MoA and AoA? 

When you are forming your business, you’ll need to submit a memorandum and articles of association. While these are relatively similar in that they outline your business's details, they have independent purposes: 

  • Your memorandum of association is a legal statement that outlines the details of your company’s founders and your intention to incorporate a limited company.

  • Your articles of association are a more detailed document that outlines how your business will run and who will be involved.  

Are a Company’s Articles of Association Publicly Available?

Business owners should be aware that the information in their company's articles of association is public and can be viewed freely by anyone. If there are items it would prefer to remain private, this is often done by creating a shareholders agreement. A shareholders agreement is not publicly available, so it can include information that shareholders wish to keep hidden from public view. 

How Do I Get a Copy of My Articles of Association?

When you use Mint Formations’ bespoke articles of association package, we will supply you with both digital and hard copies of your memorandum and articles of association. However, if you misplace them, we are more than happy to help you obtain new documents. Alternatively, you can replace copies of your articles through Companies House. 

Customer Reviews

Responsive, helpful and professional”

“Mint Formations were very helpful and efficient. They professionally dealt with all our needs and resolved all our challenges with company names issues. Throughout the process, Andrew has been very responsive, helpful and professional. Thank you, Mint Formation Team.” 


— MKM International Trading Ltd. 

“Exceptional customer service”

“I got exceptional customer service from Mint. There was always someone at the end of the phone to help me fill in my application. Thank you! This was much appreciated. And the company was formed in the time frame they said — the next day. Great company.”


 — Wilson JJ Enterprise Ltd. 

“Dedicated to quality service”

“Mint Formations Ltd is very dedicated to quality service to their customers. One prominent thing I have realised about them is time consciousness. They delivered their service just within the time frame they provided. I’m impressed with their service.”


 — Alpha Livingfoods Company Ltd. 

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