Changing the registered office address of limited companies

From expansion to better connectivity, there could be a number of reasons as to why you’d want to change your registered office address. As a matter of fact, enquiries pertaining address changes are a lot more frequent than we’d like to admit. Now,for the sake of clarity, let’s look into the process of changing the registered address and how we go about it.

Changing the registered office address of your UK Limited Company:

The Companies House requires you to provide an UK address to serve as your businesses’ registered office . Statutory forms and correspondences from HMRC and other government agencies are sent to this address. The Companies House also mandates you to file address changes online using AD01 form available on the portal or by sending in the completed form through post.

Changing the registered office address of limited liability partnerships:

Though the process is pretty similar, limited liability partnerships must use the LLAD01 form to file the address changes. Again, the changes can be filed online or by sending in the completed forms through a post.

In both cases, the service comes at no additional cost and there are no restrictions on the number of times a registered office can be changed. But it might be wise

When filed online, it takes around two days for the updated to reflect changes and about five days for postal applications.

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