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Can You Change Your UTR Number?

What is a UTR number?

A UTR number is a unique 10-digit code that identifies you for the purposes of taxation. It will appear on all official tax-related items from HMRC and helps the organisation make sure all your returns and payments are categorised and managed under a single identifying number.

In this article, we’ll cover the details behind making changes to your UTR number.

Why Would You Want to Change Your UTR Number?

To change your UTR number is to change how your historical and current tax finances are tracked. You may want to do this if you’ve had financial trouble or have faced convictions or penalties relating to your tax activities and would like a clean slate.

Another reason you may wish to change your UTR number is that you’ve lost it and want to create a new one. We will cover this further down the page.

Can You Change Your UTR Number?

Your UTR number is assigned to you when you first establish self-employment and is documented under your personal details. It cannot be changed after it has been issued. This is to allow HMRC to track all tax payments and bills you are responsible for. If you de-register for self-employment and then register again at a later date, HMRC will provide you with the same UTR number.

You cannot avoid the history associated with your UTR number. If you have faced convictions for tax evasion, or have been investigated by HMRC in the past, this will remain associated with your tax account.

There is only one way to get a new UTR number and that is to declare bankruptcy.

Declaration of bankruptcy will forfeit all tax obligations associated with the tax number and a new UTR number will be issued to you. However, a declaration of bankruptcy has serious consequences and you should not consider it as a way of escaping a poor tax history.

What about Changing Business UTR Numbers?

A corporate UTR number — a UTR number assigned to a business — is also unchangeable. However, this UTR number is tied to the business entity and not the individual or individuals who started the company. If you were to close your business and start a new company, you’d get a new UTR number.

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Are You Trying to Change Your Number Because You’ve Lost It?

Looking for a new UTR number to replace the old number that you lost? You don’t need to be issued with a new one. Instead, you can follow steps to locate your old identifier code. There are three places you can search for your lost UTR number:

  • HMRC Correspondence — Most official correspondence (email and post) from HMRC will have your UTR number listed somewhere as it is used to connect you to messages sent. If you can locate any letters from HMRC, you can usually find your UTR number.
  • The HMRC Online Portal — Your UTR number is available online via the HMRC government gateway portal. Simply sign into your self-assessment account and find your account summary; your UTR number is listed here.
  • Via HMRC Contact — If you can’t find your UTR number online or on any HMRC correspondence, you can contact HMRC to ask for it. They’ll need a few personal details but will then dispatch a letter containing your number.

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