How to change the SIC code after Company Registration

How to change the SIC code after company registration?

Let me explain briefly what the SIC code is before we talk about changing the code.

Every industry in the UK is allocated with a Standard Industrial Classification code (SIC) that outlines the nature of a business and is required as part of the company formation process. The SIC code list is comprised of different categories and each category has various sub-categories under which a business can be grouped. Its main objective is to help Companies House and other government bodies to structure and classify a company based on its business activity. A limited company can choose up to four SIC codes which best represents their industry.

Change SIC code by filing Confirmation Statement (previously annual return):

It is mandatory that you provide Companies House with the updated information about your business and the code to which it falls under. There could be any reason to change the SIC code:  you would have entered the wrong code at the time of incorporation or your business activity might have recently changed. If you find that you need to modify a SIC code for any of the above-mentioned reasons, you can simply do this while filing for Confirmation Statement. You can wait till the confirmation statement deadline or you can proceed to file an early Confirmation Statement. You can compare your company’s current code with the latest version of SIC2007 from Companies House and check if there is any need to change.

The bottom line:

At Mint, we help and assist our new clients to select the relevant SIC code right at the time of company formation. For our already established clients, we make sure to inform and assist them accordingly if there is any change in the Companies House list. You can call one of our experts here today, if you want to change the SIC code or if you are due to file your annual confirmation statement.


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