How to get your companies Unique Tax Reference

How to get your companies unique tax reference?

Unique Tax Reference sometimes referred as Corporation Tax Reference is a 10-digit number either for you or for your company. Once your company is formed, Companies house notifies HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs) about your newly registered company. HMRC, in turn will register all the information about your company in their database and release a letter with your UTR to your registered office address. It will be sent within 14 working days of your company being incorporated (registered) with Companies House.

How to get a UTR?

HMRC automatically issues a UTR number in the following situations:

Where can you find your UTR?

UTR will be printed on HMRC letter’s as ‘Tax Reference Number’ or ‘Unique Tax Reference Number’ or ‘Official use’. You can find the UTR on most of the statutory communication from HMRC including

  • HMRC’s welcome letter
  • Notice to file a tax return
  • Payment reminders from HMRC
  • Any statement of accounts from HMRC

If you have availed for online services, you can simply login to HMRC online portal and find your UTR number there.

What happens if you’ve lost your UTR number?

If you have lost your UTR number or the communication from HMRC, the best option for you is to contact HMRC directly. You can call self-assessment helpline directly to request your UTR.

To get your limited company’s Corporation Tax UTR number, you can simply apply online. HMRC will send it via post to your company’s address that is registered with Companies House.

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