How Mint Formations is different from other UK formation agencies?

There are many company formations agencies in the UK. Almost all of them offer similar services, prices, packages and timescale to register your new UK company.

How are we different from other formation agencies?

Friendly service with a personal touch:

Most company formation agencies operate as a corporate company. Corporate companies do a job, but they are normally soulless without a face. At Mint we are the opposite of a corporate company. At Mint, we work like a friendly family owned business across the road. We offer a highly reliable, friendly service with a personal touch. We take care of registering your company as if we are starting up our own for the very first time.

Caring support from our live chat and phone personnel:

We ourselves have started businesses from scratch and we thoroughly understand the anxiety that every business owner goes through before starting a new company. That is why our live chat and phone personnel offer friendly and caring support all the way through completion.

Our live chat and phone personnel take absolute delight in answering every one of your questions, no matter how small or trivial it is. Most importantly, no question is a stupid question and we are happy to answer each one of them with a smile.

Simple and easy application process:

We will either guide you through to do the application process yourself or we can collect the details from you and do it on your behalf. While most other agencies require you to struggle through with the terms, rules, legislation, and associated jargon, we keep it very simple and easy for you to complete your application in a breeze.

Complete solution for your startup:

We take immense pleasure in providing your company with the complete solution that it needs – right from company formation to accountancy services and much more.

Take advantage of our web services including logo design, website design to quickly establish your online presence and make yourself visible worldwide. We offer a special 30% discounted price on the websites for the companies formed through Mint Formations.

We also offer social media marketing services through our partners. Our carefully picked social media experts will explain to you about the benefits of social media through free no-obligation consultation and you can use effectively it in your business.

We also offer (through our partners) business insurance, fast-tracked bank account, business phone number, phone answering, and virtual assistant services.

Ultimately understanding your needs is our priority. Our friendly & personal touch in making your entrepreneurial journey easy is how we are different from other agencies.

Our motto is “supporting a new business is supporting a dream”.

Give us a try and you’ll instantly notice the difference.



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