How to Appoint a New Director – UK Limited Company

To register and to carry business operations legally in the UK, Companies House requires you to nominate one director, at the least, to oversee your company. A new director can be appointed as both, a replacement to your company’s existing director or as an additional administrator, as there are no restrictions to the number of directors a company can have. Let’s see how to appoint a new director for your UK Limited Company in this post.

Who can be nominated as Director?

Pretty much anyone above the age of 16 can serve as your company’s director.

That being said, there are few restrictions for you to consider:

  • The person you nominate must not be a ‘disqualified director’
  • Must not have filed bankruptcy and waiting to be discharged
  • Must not be disqualified by clauses in the Article of Association
  • Must not serve as the auditor of your company once nominated, the company members can decide over the appointment.

Who qualifies a director?

The role a director plays in your company depends on your business activities and could range anything from overseeing everyday operations to division handling. For example, a person who’s a qualified pilot could well serve as the director of a steel plant. In short, there are no hard and fast rules. You might also want to check on commonly made mistakes when Nominating a Director.

Information required for new director appointment

To appoint a new director you will need to gather the following details of the person you wish to nominate:

  • Full name, Date of Birth, Nationality and current occupation, if any.
  • The director’s address – This information can be accessed by the public and if you are concerned over privacy, you can consider using a service address offered by company formation agents
  • Company name and Company number

Once this information is gathered, you can proceed to the actual registration process.

What’s to be listed as the director’s ‘occupation’?

One of the information you’d be required to provide is the director’s occupation. If the newly appointed director holds a specific role in your organization, you can mention it. If that’s not feasible, you can either list the occupation as ‘Company Director’ or leave the field blank

Can I remove an existing one before appointing a New Director?

Any business registered with the Companies House, at the least, must have one director at all times. For this reason, you cannot remove the last director of your company, before appointing a new one. However, if your company has more than one director, you are free to remove before appointing a new one.

Form AP01 and WebFiling – Appoint a New Director:

To appoint a new director to your limited Company you have to fill the Form AP01 with the details gathered and post it to the Companies House. You can also use the WebFiling service to fill in the details and submit it to the Companies House online. Once the application is processed, you will have successfully appointed a new director for your company.

If you are looking to appoint a new director or to remove an existing director you can write to us at Or Contact our live chat for more information.

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