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  • Fast & affordable service for non-British nationals

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Our formation service follows three simple steps

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Non-Residents (Foreign Nationals)

Company Registration Packages


Register a UK limited company with a London registered office, virtual address, VAT and PAYE registrations. Get official confirmation of setup with this total compliance package.

£199 £129 +vat

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International Premier

Register a UK limited company with one of the most exclusive London addresses as your registered office and business address. Also includes VAT, PAYE and GDPR registrations. Get official confirmation of setup in just 24 hours.

£1,199 £559 +vat

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What New Business Owners Says About Our

Company Formation Service for Non-Residents

At Mint Formations, we take our responsibilities to customers seriously, and it shows. Rated five stars, we've been given a 97% positive service rating by customers. Our customer care team is here when you need support and we work hard to find new ways of making your experience with us nothing but exceptional. Read testimonials and reviews from people who have completed company registrations with us:

Recommended for residents of other countries

I live in Holland. I thought that UK company formation for a non-resident was much easier than any other European country. I went to the Companies House website and downloaded the application form. It was overwhelming with so much to fill and so many questions. I was worried about making mistakes. I searched Google and chose Mint to form my UK limited company. They have a very easy to use website with clear instructions. I completed my application in the night and the following day my new company was formed. Thank you very much.

Lucas Jansen five star review by Lucas Jansen

Unbelievably simple, quick and helpful service

I was thinking of using a lawyer or an accountant for my UK company formation. However, I did a Google search and contacted a helpful member of Mint’s team. It immediately became clear that I need not waste my money with a lawyer. My only concern was upfront payment, but when I listened to them, it became apparent that they are trustworthy. I received everything in an email on the same day and three days later I got my certificates by post. I would recommend their service to anyone and I would use them again.

James Tomblin five star by James Tomblin

Fast, efficient and professional service

I was very hesitant to start my limited company using an online company formation agency. When I did a Google search, I found many companies offering this service and luckily, I chose Mint over others. The staff were very polite, professional and exceptionally helpful. Though I contacted them late in the afternoon, they formed my company on the same day and sent me all the paperwork, saving me a lot of time. I am very pleased to select Mint Formations.

Jessica Bingham five star by Jessica Bingham

What Does it Mean to Own a

Registered UK Company as a Non-Resident?

If you’re a non-resident, it’s very easy to form a British company with Mint Formations. While you could trade with UK consumers through a company registered to the nation within which you hold citizenship, there are benefits to working with a local formation agent like Mint Formations and starting up a British company.

Registered UK Company as a Non-Resident

Market Access

Gain immediate access to one of the world's most lucrative commercial markets without a work visa. Start trading within England, Wales and Scotland right away and embrace powerful market opportunities.

Security of Interests non uk resident

Security of Interests

Is your business growing overseas and are you worried fraudsters might try to steal your branding? Register your company name as a non-resident now to protect your intellectual property and copyright.

Avoid Legal Red Tape

Avoid Legal Red Tape

Trading within the UK as an international business requires numerous legal agreements, trade tariffs and other official regulations. Avoid all this by registering a company in the UK as a non-resident.

Consumer Credibility non uk resident

Consumer Credibility

British consumers are more likely to buy from local businesses. Non-resident entrepreneurs can secure greater market trust with a business registered within the UK. Increase your profitability with a simple trust signal.

Benefits of Registering Your

UK Business with Mint Formations

Fast Online Setup

Get your new business registration fast-tracked. Mint Formations can have your non-UK resident business set up within 6 working days, and sometimes as quickly as 24 hours!

Own an Official UK Business

This is a legally registered and legitimate UK company. While we handle registration, the company is in your name and owned solely by you.

UK Tax Registration

We'll help you arrange all tax obligations as part of your non-resident UK business. This includes corporation tax, income tax, PAYE, National Insurance tax and HMRC registration to submit a tax return.

Complete Customer Aftercare

Mint Formation can help with all your UK business essentials. From free guides and a UK website domain name to introducing you to accounting experts, we're here to help you succeed in the UK market for the life of your business.

UK Bank & Transactions Support

Upon incorporation of your business, we'll support you in forming a strong financial business structure by arranging the setup of your non-resident British bank account.

Registered UK Premises

All non-resident UK companies registered with Mint Formations are assigned to our prestigious London address. Impress customers and avoid listing your home address.

All Admin Taken Care Of

We are experts in registering a UK business for non-residents. We will take care of all the administrative paperwork, including the submission of all incorporation documents.

Certification Documents

All official company documents supplied by UK government agencies including HMRC and Companies House will be sent to you for record-keeping. We will supply both postal letters and digital files via email.

Frequently Asked Questions

Starting a UK Business for Non-UK Residents

Do I have to visit the UK to register my new UK company?

No. Mint Formations makes it easy for non-UK residents to register a company in the United Kingdom long-distance. You can officially register your UK limited (or LLP or LPB ) company from your current location; there is no need for your presence within UK jurisdictions. You also don't have to be a UK citizen or resident to incorporate your new UK business.

What are the basic requirements for an overseas resident to register a UK company?

We've helped thousands of foreign nationals register a UK business. It's very easy. The nature of a UK limited company means it should have one director and one shareholder aged over 16 who can be responsible for all business liabilities. The same person can be both a director and a shareholder. The company should also have a UK registered office address (included with our international packages). These are the only basic requirements for an overseas resident to register a UK company.

I am not a UK resident. Can you refer me for a merchant account?

Yes, we can refer you to Worldpay payment gateway for a merchant account. However, please note that you need a UK business bank account platform to open a merchant account.

How does the process of non-resident company registration work?

We can help register your UK company quickly and easily from wherever you are using our online company registration system. You don’t need to sign any paperwork or even be physically present. The registration process is entirely online and you can also get help from our live chat support agents at any time during the registration. From Spain to China and Italy to India, we've helped foreign nations from around the world secure approval for their non-resident UK company registration.

What if I make a mistake while registering my non-resident UK company?

If you make a mistake after submitting your application, don’t worry! Mint Formations will take action on your behalf. Any mistake could be fixed and, in most cases, it won’t cost you to make corrections. Our support team is here to help you make changes following your company formation.

However, it can be a time-consuming process, and your submission may be rejected if there are mistakes. We advise our customers to double-check their application before submission to ensure there are no obstacles to you forming your company and starting trading. To reduce the risk of mistakes, our international package comes with a pre-submission review, where our experts will manually review your application for any errors and correct them before submitting it to Companies House.

I’m not sure about something relating to registering a UK company as a non-resident, can I speak to one of your staff?

Of course! Any problems, you can call us at any time on 020 7112 8684 or chat with us online. We're also available through email, although you may see a delay in reply. If you want peace of mind and an immediate response, we recommend calling through the contacts provided. For non-urgent queries, we aim to provide all requested information as quickly as possible.

How do I place an order?

Getting started couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is:

  • Choose a company name
  • Select a package
  • Choose any add-ons and complete payment
  • Enter your company registration into the fields listed and submit

How long will it take to complete the whole process?

Filling in your application takes a matter of minutes, but getting your non-resident company registered could take anywhere between 3 and 48 hours. This completely depends on how busy Companies House is on any given day. Most companies are formed the same day, but if it’s a particularly busy day, times can vary.

Want the guarantee of same-day success? We have features to help! Select our fast-track service and submit your application before 14:00 GMT to register your company today (working days only).

What address should I use to register my new company?

All companies are legally required to have a registered address in the UK . This must be a physical address in the UK, not a post box, and is where all official communication will be sent. Your company address will be publicly available for anyone to view, which is why many customers opt to use our prestigious London office address as their registered office address. We can also establish a mail forwarding service to ensure any correspondence is automatically sent to you.

Is it possible to register a limited company without publicly revealing my home address?

Companies House requires all directors to supply two addresses for company registration: a residential (home) address, which is kept private, and a business (service) address, which is accessible via the public records on the Companies House website. You can choose to use your home address as your service address, but this will be available to the public. In accordance with legal restrictions, there must be a public address listed for your non-resident UK company. If you want to keep your home address off the public record but don’t have an alternative address, you can opt for our business address service, either on its own or as part of our Privacy, Premium, All-Inclusive and International company formation packages.

Do I need to register my company for VAT?

Tax law states you must pay VAT on goods after you reach a certain revenue bracket. This is an important taxation liability. However, unless your company’s annual turnover exceeds (or is expected to exceed) the VAT threshold of £85,000, you do not need to register your business for VAT. If your turnover does not exceed this amount, registering for VAT is an entirely optional agreement. Some businesses choose to do this for various reasons, including to improve their credibility and reach a wider client base.

What are the benefits of registering for VAT?

  • Having a VAT-registered company increases trust among suppliers and customers and enhances your credibility
  • VAT registration gives an impression of a well-established company. This is particularly useful for new businesses
  • VAT-registered companies can reclaim VAT on purchases
  • VAT-registered companies can charge VAT on products or services

We can help you register your business for VAT. The entire process typically takes between 10 and 14 days.

Do I need to sign any paperwork for company registration?

No. Our non-resident company formation service is 100% online and there is no need to supply any identification documents, a passport or signatures. Just follow our simple step-by-step process to register your business.

What are the points to remember when registering a UK limited company?

  • Your company name should end with “Limited” or “LTD”
  • A minimum of one company director and one shareholder should be appointed (one person can be both)
  • The directors and shareholders can be any nationality and reside anywhere in the world
  • The new company’s registered office address should be in the UK (our International packages include a registered office address in central London)
  • All names and address of all appointments (directors or shareholders) should be submitted
  • The minimum share capital for a UK limited company is £0.01 — there is no upper limit
  • The minimum number of shares issued is one (one shareholder operating as director and owning the single share will own 100% of the company)

Can you help set up my business email Account?

Following the establishment of your new UK business, you'll want a bespoke company email address to increase your credibility, improve marketing and secure a stronger business identity. We'll help you acquire a custom email. You can select this option during checkout as a standalone service, or it’s available as part of our various company formation packages.

What documents will I get via email after my company registration?

Once your new company is registered by Companies House, you will receive an email containing the following PDF materials:

  • Your certificate of incorporation
  • Memorandum and articles of association
  • Share certificates for each shareholder
  • A company register with first entries

Do I need solicitors or accountants to register a non-resident UK company?

These are not conditions you have to meet. You can register a company yourself by using our simple and secure online registration system — you do not need a solicitor or accountant. Our prices start from just £129.99 and you can save as much as £400 in solicitor and accountant fees.

Can I register a dormant company?

There is no special provision to register a dormant company at Companies House. However, you can make it dormant by informing HMRC that you have not started trading and have no current business plan. You can do this only once you’ve received your Unique Tax Reference (UTR number). If you do not have a UTR number, this will be sent to your registered office address normally around three to four weeks after you’ve registered your new company.

What are the business banking options for non-UK residents?

Even though many high street banks refuse business bank accounts for companies with overseas resident directors (including Barclays and Lloyds), we have negotiated special arrangements with select banking partners to open your business bank account once you register a limited company. We offer two types of business accounts: a virtual bank account and a high street bank account. Depending upon your country of residence, requirements and your budget, we can advise on the right banking option for you.

Our service includes an initial consultation, introduction and help setting up your UK bank account. We will collect your information and apply on your behalf. You must buy our International Premium package with a business bank account to receive this service.

Note: This offer is available only for Mint customers who register their new company using Mint Formations. There may be additional charges applicable if the chosen bank wants to do due diligence and conduct screening checks.

When will I get my authentication code?

You will receive your authentication code as soon as your company is approved by Companies House. This will be available for you to view in your online company manager portal.

What are your annual renewal charges?

The registration fee is a one-time cost, so you only need to pay once. However, our address services are priced annually at standard rates — if you opt for these, you can choose to renew them. Our package price covers your entire first year. Our other services are renewable for the following costs:

  • Registered office service: £35 + VAT (for 12 months)
  • Director's address service: £24 + VAT (for 12 months per officer)
  • Business address service: £99 + VAT (for 12 months)

You do not need this address service to keep your business. It is not a requirement your address stays the same. If circumstances change, you can update your business premises via Companies House.

How is Mint different from other UK formation agencies?

There are many company formation agencies in the UK, and almost all offer similar services, prices, packages and timescales when it comes to registering your new UK company. So how are we different from other formation agencies? Most registration companies in the UK operate like a faceless corporate. We’re like the family-owned business in your neighbourhood that you’ve known for 20 years and trust. We have helped people start businesses from scratch and understand the anxiety that every business owner experiences when starting a new company. That’s why we take care of your company incorporation as if we were registering a business of our own. You’ll receive friendly and caring support whenever you need it — no question is too small or trivial, and we’re happy to answer every one with a smile.

Most other agencies require you to do all the legwork, struggling to understand all the terms, rules, legislation and industry jargon. We keep it simple. If you want to do it yourself, great — but we’ll still be there every step of the way to guide you through it.

Want to go completely hands-off? We’ll happily do it for you. Our friendly and personal touch and dedication to making your entrepreneurial journey easy are how we differ from other agencies. Want to see the Mint difference for yourself? Why not get a free consultation with an accountant ? Give us a try and you’ll quickly see why we stand apart from the rest.

How do our prices compare to other companies?

Our prices are fair, competitive and, like for like, the best in the industry. The company registration packages that we have carefully put together provide fantastic value for money. We not only offer the best prices, but we have also negotiated great deals with our partners, which offer products and services at a greatly reduced price exclusively for Mint customers. We continually strive to improve the services we offer our customers, but one thing that we never do is deliberately entice you with a low price and shock you with extras at a later stage.

How does your free business phone number service work?

Our International company formation package gives you a free business phone number, offered exclusively to Mint Formations customers by our affiliate partner. A business phone number has multiple benefits. You can separate your personal calls from your business calls and improve your credibility — there’s no need to hand out your mobile number or a local number to clients in another city or country. All calls will be forwarded to your chosen mobile or landline phone. When a customer or client rings your business number, you’ll receive an alert that it’s a business call. You can choose to answer the call, reject it or take a message. No office, contract or extra handsets needed! Your free business phone number includes call recording and an online portal for easy access to manage your call forwarding and access your voicemails on the go.

Never miss a business call — wherever you are — stay connected with your customers and offer a new level of sales and support assistance.

When will I be able to start trading?

As soon as your company is registered, we will send you an email containing PDFs of your formal documents. Once you get our confirmation email, you’re ready to start taking customer orders.

What kind of online customer service do you offer?

Mint Formations’ live agents are always available via live chat and telephone to walk you through the entire process of registering a UK business as a non-resident. We'll use our UK expertise to provide guidance and walk you through our forms step by step, making the company formation process a breeze.

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We have negotiated fantastic deals and special offers from some of the world’s biggest brands exclusively for our customers. As a customer looking to register a business, you get special privileges and unbeatable deals from the best in the industry.

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