Comparison: Registering Your Company Using Companies House Vs Company Formation Agency

Companies House Vs Company Formation Agency – Which one is better?

There is a popular misconception that it’s better to register directly via Companies House website rather than using a company formation agency. After all, at some point, everything must go through the Companies House. Some also believe that it cheaper to go direct through Companies House.

However, none of these is true. In general, most company formation agencies like Mint Formations are actually cheaper than the Companies House. The process is much quicker and easier. There are loads of other benefits of using a company formation agent.

Here is a table that compares the difference between registering via Companies House vs  company formation agency:

Features Mint Formations Companies House 
Starting Cost From £9.99 £12
Live Chat Support Yes None
Telephonic Support 24/7 Long Queue
Email Support 24/7 None/Slow Replies
Registered Office Address Yes No
Home Address Protection Yes No
Help With Bank Account Yes No
Mail Forwarding Service Yes No
Pre-submission Review Yes No
Additional Features Yes No

Note: Features and prices of Mint Formations (representing company formation agent) are used in the above Companies House Vs Company Formation Agency comparison.

As it goes without a saying in almost all aspects it’s way better to register your new business via a Company formation agency like Mint than with Companies House. The advantages are immense, and it also makes the process much easier. For business owners, time is money and you save both money and time with Mint Formations.

Company formation cost: The cost of registering a Company with Companies House starts from £12 and it doesn’t include the postal charges and includes no other features.

The big difference between registering via Companies House vs company formation agency is the pricing starts at just £9.99 (At Mint) and includes various additional features like director’s address protection, free advice and support, free domain name, free business telephone number, help with a business bank account and many more.

Customer support: When it comes to customer support, companies house does provide some basic information to help you get started but practically there is no support system and the existing medium of communication will take several days before you beat the long queue. As with any other legal process, it is no easy task to go for DIY (Do It Yourself) process.

The difference between Companies House Vs Company Formation Agency is that an agency like Mint will offer you instant support to help customers with their doubts. At Mint we provide Live chat, telephonic and email support 24/7. Additionally, we also provide up to 1 hour of expert accounting consultation fully free of cost to help you reduce tax or clarify legal doubts.

Registered office address: Companies House don’t provide you key services like registered office address and it’s essential for non-UK residents to register a company in the UK as they generally won’t have a UK address.

At Mint Formations we offer a premium London registered office address that not only satisfies the legal requirement but also helps improve the reputation of your new company.

Director’s address protection: Your director’s service address will be available on public domain and be available readily for all including marketing agencies. Companies House don’t provide any address protection service but formation agencies like Mint formations will offer you complete address protection.

Pre-submission review: Companies House will simply reject your application (in case you want to know how to avoid rejections by companies House.) even if there was a small error, making the formation much more stressful. Mint Formations offer a free pre-submission review with most packages and this massively improves the chance of your application getting accepted the first time.

Business bank account: Opening a business bank account is essential to run your business effectively and companies house will not provide any help here. At Mint Formations we provide help with opening a business bank account for both UK and Non-UK residents alike.

Hope that gave a clear idea why when it comes to Companies House Vs Company Formation Agency, an agency like mint is always beneficial.

 If you are planning to Register your business visit Mint Formations or write to us at to get started. We will gladly assist you.

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