What are the difference between registered office address and virtual office address

What is the difference between the registered office address and a virtual office address?

When you register a new limited company through a formation agency, you get a choice to choose both registered office address and a virtual office address. Most new business owners find it difficult to understand the differences between these two addresses. Everyone wants their new company to be perfect and compliant but the difference between the registered address and the virtual address is one area that trips them.

All you need to know is that the registered office address is a mandatory Companies House requirement whereas virtual office address is a nice to have additional feature for the new business owner.

What is a registered office address?

Companies House requires an address for those companies that are registered in England and Wales. This address is called the registered office address of that company and used by Companies House and HMRC for legal correspondence purpose. It is displayed on the Companies House website and hence, it is easily available to the public as well. You will receive all the statutory documents including reminders to file company accounts/company annual return at your registered office address plus, you can display this address on your website.

What is a virtual office address?

Virtual address or trading address is the location from where you deem to operate your business. Even though you do not physically work from this address, this is the address you use it to get all the mail correspondence. You can receive mails from sources such as company bank account documents (chequebook, debit card, and other bank correspondence) / payment orders and confirmations/invoices/service contracts, marketing mails from suppliers and so on.

Benefits of virtual address:

One of the greatest advantages of a virtual office address is that it protects your private life. Many business owners and self-employed people use their home to stock their inventory. If so, it is a must that you protect any valuables by failing to disclose where you live. This is where virtual address comes into effect.

How can you reap benefits through our service?

We offer virtual address service where we will receive all the documents that come in your name. Our virtual office address service also includes mail forwarding. You can take advantage of our mail forwarding service where we will post those documents received to your residential address, authorized by you. We will also do a thorough check and eliminate those mails that are deemed to be junk or fraudulent. It is of greater use if you are dealing with paperwork between yourself and client with the additional benefit of avoiding bulk scam mails at your residence.

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