What are the different types of addresses your UK limited company needs for registration

To register a limited company in the UK, the Companies House requires you to provide a set of addresses during the registration process. These addresses are made available to the public and can be accessed by anyone looking for company information. Let’s look into the different addresses to register your business in the UK.

What is Registered office Address?

Registered office address is the primary address of your business and the point of contact for all other government agencies. According to the Companies House regulations, the registered office address must be in the same location where the business is enlisted. For example, the registered address of a business in Wales is valid only if the company is enlisted in Wales. Though there are no restrictions to list a residential address as the registered address, it is generally not preferred, as this information will be publicly listed. The Companies House also requires the registered address of your business to be included in letterheads, websites and official communication mails.

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What is Director’s Service Address?

The Director’s service address is where shareholders, company secretaries and directors can be contacted. Statutory mails from other agencies are sent to this address. Like the registered addresses, service addresses are included in the public register and can be accessed by anyone. There are no restrictions and the service address can be located anywhere in the world. Moreover, the service address can be the same as the registered address, which is often the case for most businesses in the UK.

Although your home address (As long as it is a valid UK Address) can be used for director’s service address, it is still not recommended. Director’s service address will be available on the public register for everyone to see, exposing your privacy to internet marketing agencies and fraud.

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What is Director’s Home Address?

The Companies House requires you to list the residential addresses of directors. As it is with the service address, there are no restriction and the director’s home address can be located anywhere in the world.  This information is not part of the public register, as long as you are not using the same address as director’s service address.

Optional Business Addresses
If you have business operations in more than one location, your business address will be specific to the location you work from. The business address is optional and is not required by the companies house. Another optional address is the Single Alternative Inspection Location or SAIL, the place where all business records and legal registers are archived.

These are the addresses required to register a business in the UK. If there is a change in these addresses, it should be updated in the Companies House records as well.

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