Why many Indian Companies rush to establish their UK branch…? What are the benefits?

What are the benefits of registering an Indian business in the UK?

  1. Indian companies with UK entity gets an international appeal and profile. Instantly it gives the identity of a multi-national corporate company rather than a small-time player.
  2. No residency requirements to open a UK company. Directors and shareholders need not reside in the UK or be a UK citizen. They can live in India and still run a UK office. All that is required is a registered office address and our international packages give it to you for free.
  3. No need to visit the UK or engage expensive lawyers. The entire registration process can be done sitting at your desk and using our online UK company registration system.
  4. Historic colonial association between India and the UK. After Brexit, many more new opportunities are identified by Indian companies trading with the UK and Europe.
  5. UK branch gives a gateway to Europe and rest of the world. London being the centre of the world gives access to both Europe and Americas.
  6. Company registration is ridiculously simple. Probably the simplest company registration process anywhere in the world and everything can be completed easily in under 30 minutes.
  7. Cost of registration is very low. Company registration package for international customers starts from just £129 and no unnecessary consultation fees usually associated with company registration.
  8. Share capital requirement is very low. A company can be started with the share capital of just £1.
  9. Minimal compliance or reporting requirements. So, running cost of a limited company is so low even a small company can easily afford it.
  10. Accounting and reporting costs are comparatively cheap. If no trading, the company can file dormant accounts and cost of filing dormant company accounts is normally under £100.
  11. An audit is not required until the company annual turnover exceeds £10.2m. Most companies can just file the normal small company accounts.
  12. UK limited company with a London registered office gives quick recognition with the suppliers and clients. You get the perception of an international company.
  13. Only one person is required to register a UK limited company. One person can be both the director, shareholder and person of significant control (PSC).

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One comment on “Why many Indian Companies rush to establish their UK branch…? What are the benefits?

  1. I’m planning to register a company in the UK and initially I thought it would be very tough and I will have to visit the UK multiple times. In the end it appears to be far cheaper and easier to register a company in India than in UK, besides I don’t even have to visit the UK. The brand appeal it can create is immense and it’s surely worth millions as it directly benefits sales. Thanks for the blog that inspired me to register my company in the UK.

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