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Business telephone number

Mint Formations has partnered with Cleartone communications limited, a government licensed telecommunications provider, who design telephone products for businesses of all sizes and types right from small start-ups to large multi nationals for over 20 years.

Our virtual phone numbers offer the same benefits as a landline phone number. The only difference is that, it doesn’t require any extra phone or hardware. Also, our service can be diverted to any existing landline or mobile phone which means, that you can have all the benefits of a business number without an office, contract or even extra handsets.

All services have these FREE features enabled upon setup at:

  • Welcome prompt – Choose to play a customised welcome announcement to your callers. “thank you for calling (company name)”
  • Business call whisper – An alert letting you know each time a business call is coming through
  • Dedicated voicemail – A personalised voicemail message for your business number meaning that your callers don’t hear your private mobile or landline voicemail
  • Missed call & voicemail to email - Receive an email notification each time you either miss a call or when a caller leaves you a voicemail message.
  • Call recording – Have the call recording emailed to you, and access it separately on our online portal 24/7/365
  • Hunt group - Have your business number ring on multiple numbers simultaneously
  • Time of day routing - Control where your calls are being routed to during and outside office hours - ensuring you don’t miss a call
  • Online control panel - Manage your number and make all your crucial changes 24/7 in real time.

Number options

  • Local number - Local numbers are ideal for business that want to have a local presence without the need to have an office in that location.
  • National number - A national number offers great customer service, allowing callers to phone you for free. For example, an 0800 number.
  • International virtual number –Our UK numbers can be answered abroad, or we can provide you with an International number in over 100 Countries - without you actually being abroad or having an office. These calls can be answered on your normal UK landline or mobile phone.

Using this service would help you

  • Increase your company’s profile
  • Increase both your sales and enquiry calls
  • Separate your personal and business calls from each other
  • Identify that you have a business call coming through
  • Take the number wherever you go – a totally portable number of you move into an office or move home

Advanced control panel to manage your phone and track calls

We not only provide you with the perfect phone number and solution for your business, we also offer an online advanced call management facility free of charge.

Manage your business and track your calls with our advanced control panel. Here, you can view and track your incoming call logs, play conversations and even manage where your calls are being diverted to. You can also manage your timed diverts and much more.

How to choose your perfect number?

Local virtual number

Want to appear as a local business? With our local virtual number, you can. Having a virtual phone number local to your business, or in London, Manchester, Birmingham or your nearest major City, you can divert calls to any phone, worldwide.

Free phone number

Having a 0800 number for your business is a great way to give your business a professional image. With a wide range of 0800 numbers available, you can increase your response rate by up to 300%.

Lo-call rate

Just like 0800 numbers, 0333 numbers are becoming more popular to the public, so choose your unique 0333 number today and reap the rewards and benefits for your company.

Follow me number

Having a 070 number is a great way to keep your number private. You can have a range of advanced features including call recording, voicemail to email and many more.

With over 20 years’ experience, our products are wholly compatible, relevant and effective for whichever market we operate in - be it with government bodies, high street retailers, or simply new businesses or small to medium enterprise. Our products have been developed to help businesses raise their profile by providing innovative communication products that present a professional image.

You get all these features as part of our company formation packages.

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