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How to Find Your UTR Number

Your UTR number is an important part of your business, but it’s also an easy thing to misplace. It’s actually much more common than you’d think to lose track of your UTR number, so rest assured if you’re in this situation, you’re not alone. The commonality of this problem also means that the answers to finding your UTR number are also readily available.

Learn how to find your UTR number when you’ve lost it in this quick guide from the Mint Formations team.

Lost UTR Numbers: How to Find Your UTR Number

When you sign up to pay tax through HMRC, you will be sent your UTR number. The first place to look is on any official HMRC correspondence, such as tax return reminders or payment reminders. These do not have to be new. Even years old reminders will have your UTR number. It does not change. When you first registered for tax, you will have also received a letter of confirmation, which your UTR number will be on. If you do not keep your reminders, you may have at least kept your confirmation letter.

Can’t find any letters from HMRC? We recommend you keep secure records in future, but for now, you can also check your online portal. You can log onto the government gateway portal — the place where you’ll file your tax returns online — and find your UTR number. You can find your UTR number under your account summary or on the self-assessment tax section of the website.

Can’t remember your login details to the government gateway and have no access to correspondence from HMRC? Keep reading!

What to Do If You Can’t Find Your UTR Number

If you cannot find your UTR number because you cannot find any official documents containing it or get online, then you’ll need to contact HMRC to have it sent to you.

If you’re contacting them about finding a self-assessment UTR number, you can phone them . If you’re contacting HMRC about finding a UTR number for your limited company, you’ll need to make a request online .

HMRC will send your UTR number through the post to the business address registered to your company. This is to avoid any potential fraudulent activity by a third-party trying to acquire your UTR number with authorisation.

Why You Need to Find Your UTR Number

Your UTR number is essential for filing tax forms or other financial matters that relate to tax records. Because your UTR number is directly connected to your personal or business tax files, you must be able to always access your UTR number for the purpose of accurate and transparent tax information.

Failing to use your UTR number when appropriate, can lead to criminal offences.

Don’t Have a UTR Number?

You may have been told by somebody — a tax authority, a financial advisor, a business partner, etc. — that you need to supply them with your UTR number. You’ve searched high and low — but you can’t find any evidence of it.

Now is time to ask the question, do you actually have a UTR number?

UTR numbers are supplied by HM Revenue and Customs when you register for self-employment, or if you start a limited company. If you have not carried out this process, you’ll want to learn more about what a UTR number is and how to get one. You can find that information here:

Don’t have a UTR number? Our formation specialists can help you register your company and secure your UTR number. Have you got your UTR number and are looking for helping in handling your current finances? Discover our help and advice services .

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