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Business address service (Virtual office)

Company registration business address service

Do you want to receive your business mails at a prestigious London address? Do you want to hide your home address from your customers and suppliers? You can now use our Prestigious London address as your business correspondence address.

We will receive all your non-statutory business-related mails/letters/parcels. We will forward the mails to your postal address given during the application. For forwarding the posts, an additional charge of 50p+postage per item is applicable.

You can avoid unsolicited letters, visitors and associated security risks. You and your family are also safeguarded from potential identity theft. As a FREE service, we will automatically eliminate mail that we deem to be junk mail and destroy it.

Why Business Address Service?

A business address in prestigious Central London location is an effective way to enhance your brand image and appeal with your customers. It instantly gives you a professional presence in the heart of London. Please note this address will not appear on public record with the Companies House or HMRC. You can only use our address as your business contact address. We will receive all your business letters or parcels.

What are your charges for forwarding our business letters and parcels?

Please note the cost of forwarding mails to you is not included in our annual price. Our charges for this service is royal mail postal rate + 50p per item.

What are the benefits of business address service?

  • You can enhance professional image of your business, with a prestigious London address
  • You can establish a business presence in a prominent sought-after area
  • You can provide a professional (non-residential) correspondence address to your vendors, customers, clients and other business contacts
  • You can keep your home address private from all business contacts
  • You can target a new market or geography
  • You can give a national presence to your business with more than one location

Can I use my home address as business correspondence address?

Yes. You can use your home address as your business correspondence address. However, your residential address will be noticed by all your customers, vendors, clients and other third parties. Your privacy could be exposed on the internet (including unscrupulous people) to marketing agencies and customers. So, we recommend using our business address service to protect your privacy for less than £10 a month.

How do you bill us for forwarding letters/parcels?

We will ask you to pay a deposit of £20 (UK forwarding address) and £50 (overseas forwarding address) and use this deposit towards forwarding costs. When the deposit depletes to under £5, we will ask you top-up the deposit once again.

How is business address service different from registered office address service?

Registered office address is a legal requirement for company formation and will be published in the public register. All statutory letters from HMRC and Companies House will be sent to this address. However, the business address is an optional service and is not a legal requirement. You can use this service to receive all business mail at this address (and hide your home address). Both are different services and must be purchased separately.

What are the mandatory requirements to buy your business address service?

We are mandated to collect and verify proof of ID and address to comply with Anti Money Laundering (AML) regulations, Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements and London Local Authorities act. In our welcome email, we will send you the list of documents required from you. Please click here to find more information on ID requirements.

I am an overseas resident; can I use your business address service?

Yes. You can use our London business address service for less than £10 a month.

How much does the business address service cost after the first year?

Our annual renewal fee for business address service is £99 plus VAT.

How can I receive both statutory and non-statutory posts at one London address?

To receive both statutory (HMRC and Companies House) and non-statutory mails (from your suppliers and customers), you must buy both registered office service and business address service.

What is included in this business address service?

Our prestigious London address can be used as your business correspondence address with your customers and suppliers. We will receive all your letters and parcels at our office on your behalf. We will forward the mails to your postal address for additional charge of 50p+postage per item. As a FREE service, we will automatically eliminate mail that we deem to be junk mail and destroy it.

Why do you eliminate Junk mail and how do you do it?

Feedback from clients suggests that there is frustration when having to pay to receive forwarded junk mail by post, or receive it by e-mail. As a FREE service, we will automatically eliminate mail that we deem to be junk mail and destroy it. However, if you do not wish to use this service, please advise us in writing.

Please note, we cannot guarantee the mail we destroy as part of the elimination of junk mail service but will use all reasonable endeavors to ensure we do not destroy non-junk mail or forward junk mail.

Can I use your business address service for my existing company?

Yes. You can use our business address service for your existing company at any time. Follow these four simple steps

  1. Buy our business address service
  2. You will get a new online company manager account
  3. Fill in your forwarding email details (and forwarding address if you need it)
  4. We will receive your letters and forward it to your chosen address

Alternate ways to buy this registered office address

As part of the company formation package

Registered office service is available at a discounted rate with the company formation packages. It is included in our privacy or all-inclusive company formation packages or as an optional extra in other packages. It is also included with all our global packages.

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Create an account and add your existing company

Do you require our registered office for your existing company? Create an account on our website and add your company details (company number and authentication code). You can then buy our registered office service, and we will notify Companies House with this address change.

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