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Privacy package

Register your new UK limited company with London registered office for £49 £29 +vat

The perfect choice to register your limited company while securing the privacy of your home address plus business bank account and more.

Barclay bank
Lloyds bank
Worldpay bank
Secure trading

What’s included in privacy package?

UK private limited company (in 3 to 6 working hours)*

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Your new UK limited company will usually be registered with Companies House in 3 to 6 working hours and digital copies of the paperwork will be sent to you. Please note the timescale is subject to Companies House workload on any given day and it could also take as much as 48 hours. If you have an urgent requirement, we recommend you choose guaranteed same day formation service during the checkout process.

Companies House filing fee included

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Companies House fee of £10.00 for the incorporation of your company is included in all our packages.

Free business bank account (with cashback offers)

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We will fast track your FREE business bank account opening process with Barclays (12 months free) or Lloyds (18 months free) bank as soon as your company has been approved by Companies House.

Your local Barclays or Lloyds representative will contact you to arrange a meeting prior to opening your account. Typically, you are offered a meeting date within 7 to 14 days, and your bank account is usually opened in 1 to 2 days after the meeting.

Please Note:

  1. The approval of your business bank account is subject to the bank’s terms and conditions.
  2. You must be a UK resident to open a bank account under this scheme.

Super-fast online service (no signatures or paper work)

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As soon as your company is incorporated (registered) we will email you the digital PDF copies of:

  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Share Certificates
  • Memorandum and articles of Association.
  • Digital copy of company register with first entries

Digital copy of certificate of incorporation

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We will send you a digital copy of Certificate of Incorporation Once your company is approved by Companies House. This crucial document is the equivalent of birth certificate of a person, and as such is required by banks for processing a loan and by other financial providers.

Free business startup and marketing guides

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You get a free business start-up guide written by our accounting and marketing experts. Our guide helps you with understanding the legal obligations plus how you can efficiently run your new business. The topics that are covered in our guide include:

  • Working from home
  • Paying yourself
  • Allowable/disallowable expenses
  • Mileage allowance
  • Handling employees
  • Expenses management
  • Insurance
  • And lots more

Free consultation with accountant

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You get 1-hour free consultation with certified accountant over the phone, Skype or live chat from wherever you are.

  • Get free tax saving Tips
  • Find out how you can avoid costly accountancy mistakes
  • Learn about your legal obligations for FREE
  • And more

Free £75 Google Adwords voucher

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You can kick-start your business with this exclusive offer from Google. Get £75 AdWords voucher for free, after you spend your £25 with AdWords. This £75 credit will be applied to your AdWords account after you spend the initial £25.

This offer is subject to available and Google’s terms and conditions. We also offer 30-minute free consultation with Google AdWords and marketing expert.

Free business phone number (conditions apply)

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Help your business launch with a professional number and no need to give out your private home or mobile details. This free business phone number is offered by one of our affiliate partners, Cleartone Communications Limited. Please note there are certain conditions applicable to get the free business phone number, and there may be additional call forwarding charges. You can forward calls from this number to your landline or mobile number and when the phone rings, you will get an alert that it’s a business call. You can answer, reject or take a message.

Free digital marketing consultation

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You get 30-Minutes free consultation with an expert in Digital Marketing over the Phone, Skype or live chat from anywhere. You get the following & more:

  • Get tips on how to get the initial exposure and possible business listings
  • Get help to setup your marketing campaigns
  • Get suggestions to improve your lead conversion ratio
  • Get tips on social media marketing

Free .com or domain name

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Get Free domain name for 12 months supplied by one the world’s leading domain name companies to get your business online. You can quickly establish your online brand name and identity with this great offer.

Registered office (London, HA4)

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All UK companies require a registered office address for HMRC and Companies House to send official letters. Your company’s registered office address is available to view by the public for free.

To avoid your home address being shown to general public, you can buy our registered office address service.Our prestigious The College House, London address will appear on public record as the official registered address of your company.

We will receive your company’s official statutory mails at our office. Statutory mail for the purposes of this service is mail received from HMRC or Companies House. We will open, scan and forward all official mail to the email address given during the application. This service is renewable on a yearly basis for a small fee of £35.00+vat.

Digital copy of share certificates

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We will send you a digital copy of your share certificate. These legal documents certify the ownership of shares within a limited company.

Digital copy of memorandum & articles of association

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We will send you a digital copy of your memorandum & articles once your company is incorporated. Memorandum & articles is one of the essential document required to incorporate a company and the document is required by insurance or other finance providers, including when applying a loan or leasing equipments.

Digital copy of company register with first entries

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We will send you a digital copy of your company’s Statutory registers with the first entries at the date of incorporation. The following documents are included in our companies register:

  • Register of applications and allotments
  • Register of members and share ledger
  • Register of transfers
  • Register of mortgages and charges
  • Register of debentures
  • Register of sealings or executions
  • Register of directors
  • Register of PSC’s
  • Share certificate(s)

Digital copy of minutes of meeting

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We will send you a digital copy of your company’s initial board meeting, where the first resolutions for your company were passed.

Web authentication code

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Your web authentication code will be available for you in our online company manager portal as soon as your company is registered at Companies House.

Companies House will also send the authentication code to the registered office address of all registered companies, normally within 14 days of incorporation.

Free online company manager account (web portal)

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You get 100% free access to our easy to use company manager portal that enables the following:

  • Edit or change your company address, accounting dates and director details
  • File annual returns with ease
  • Send you remainders about important filing dates to avoid unwanted penalties
  • Form new companies effortlessly
  • Secure access to print/download all your company documents
  • Access to billing history, invoices and to renew services

Free customer support for the life of your company

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We at Mint Formations offer you free customer support for life. Our company formation experts are just a phone call or live chat away. We are glad to help you with any queries during and after your company is registered.

Printed copies of official documents

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As soon as your company is incorporated (registered) we will print and post you the official copies of certificate of incorporation and share certificates.

Director service address (London, HA4)

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This service allows the directors, shareholders and PSC’s to protect the privacy of their home from the general public. Our prestigious London address will appear on public record as the official address of a company officer. You can avoid unsolicited letters, visitors and associated security risks. You and your family are also safeguarded from potential identity theft.

We will receive all company officer’s official statutory mails at our office. Statutory mail for the purposes of this service is mail received from HMRC or Companies House. We will open, scan and forward all official mail to the email address given during the application. This service is annually renewable for £24.00+vat.

Corporate hijack protection

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Prevent your company from being a victim of identity theft. Receive an alert, every time a change to your company is made at Companies House.

Identity theft of a company is a growing problem in the UK and costs businesses millions of pounds every year. Fraudsters and criminals amend official registration details of the company at Companies house and use unscrupulous methods to get loans, use for scams or attack your bank account.

When you use this service, you will get an instant alert when a change is recorded at Companies House. You can quickly investigate the reason and prevent any attempts at hijacking your company details.

Pre-submission review

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Our experts will manually review your application for any errors and correct them before submitting it to Companies House. It is a time consuming and expensive process to make any changes after you incorporate your new company.

Want more...? choose another package from below

Premium package £49 +vat

Everything from privacy package PLUS

VAT registration for your new company (if required)

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If you need or want to have your company registered for VAT, we will take care of the formalities and process the application on your behalf.

Why do companies register for VAT?

Companies register for VAT if they expect their turnover to exceed £85,000 in the next 12 months. It is a legal requirement to register for VAT, unless your business is exempt. Even if your company turnover is expected to be less than £85,000 you can still register voluntarily.

How do we register for your VAT?

As soon as we incorporate your company, we will email you a questionnaire. This questionnaire will request additional information for VAT registration with HMRC. Once we receive the requested information, we will file it with HMRC on your behalf. VAT approval process usually takes between 8 and 21 days.

As soon as your VAT registration is approved, we will send the details to you by email. You will receive your VAT registration certificate by post from HMRC.

All inclusive package £99 +vat

Everything from premium package PLUS

PAYE registration service (if required)

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We can register your company for PAYE (pay as you earn) with HMRC. This enables the director to take a salary or pay the employees.

As soon as your company is registered, we will contact you via email to get some additional information to complete your PAYE registration application with HMRC.

This process normally takes around 3 to 4 weeks, and all your PAYE information will be sent to you by post directly from HMRC. You can still process your salary payments within this period and complete your PAYE return after you receive the PAYE registration from HMRC.

Annual confirmation statement filing service (for 1st year)

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A confirmation statement is a document that company directors must complete at least once every 12 months and deliver to Companies House. It is used to confirm the registered details of a company at a certain date. If you fail to do this on time, Companies House may take steps to forcibly dissolve the company and it may also affect the company credit rating adversely.

We will prepare and file confirmation statement (your mandatory requirement) with Companies House on your behalf, when you select this service.

Virtual business address (mail forwarding service) - London, HA4

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You can now use our Prestigious London address as your virtual address or business correspondence address. We will receive all your non-statutory business-related mails/letters/parcels. We will then forward the mails to your postal address for an additional charge of 50p+postage per item.

You can avoid unsolicited letters, visitors and associated security risks. You and your family are also safeguarded from potential identity theft. As a FREE service, we will automatically eliminate mail that we deem to be junk mail and destroy it.

Privacy package £29

The perfect choice to register your limited company while securing the privacy of your home address. By far our most popular package.

Order now £29 +vat

Frequently asked questions

What type of company is included in privacy package?

A UK Private Limited Company (limited by shares) is included in our privacy package.

What are the benefits of buying privacy package?

Our privacy package is your perfect choice to register your new limited company with the added protection to the privacy of your home address. This popular package is perfect if you want to form your limited company and hide your home address from the internet, marketing agencies & the eyes of general public.

Can I buy privacy package now and add other services later?

You could do, but if you want the benefits of all-inclusive package then it is better to buy all-inclusive package straightaway because it carries special discounts on some added services which you may not get if you buy them separately.

When do I receive all other free offers with this package?

After your company is incorporated, we'll email you the information on how and when you can redeem the offers and where to do it. Some of the offers are provided by our valuable partners.

When will I be able to start trading?

Your Limited Company should be registered with Companies House within 3-6 working hours once the application is fully completed on our website. The speed of formation depends on the workload of Companies House on the given day.

You will receive a notification telling you that your new company formation application has been approved. You will then also receive digital copies of your company documents as a PDF file to your chosen email address and printed certificate of incorporation and share certificates by post.

What is needed from me?

We do not require any documents from you when you form a company online with us. A Limited company does require a registered office address, director and a shareholder holding at least one share.

Are there any hidden costs?

There are no hidden costs with any of our packages, we believe in a fair transparent pricing structure so there are no hidden fees added at the end of the checkout process.

We include the Companies House charge of £10.00 with all our formation packages. This fee is charged on all new formations and this is included in the price you see.

Is it possible to register the company the same day? Or can I speed up the company formation process in anyway?

Yes. If you are in a hurry, you can form your company in the same day by choosing our same day formation service during your checkout process.

This express service guarantees same day formation provided the application is correctly submitted before 2 PM on a business day. We provide FREE support before, during and after the company is formed.

How many shares do I have to issue?

Companies House require a Limited Company to have at least one share minimum (per shareholder, minimum shareholders one). There is no limit to the number of shares held by a shareholder.

Can I set up a company on my own?

Yes, one person can form a Limited Company, it can be owned, managed and run by one person. The person would be the sole director and shareholder of the company.

Any questions? Give us a call and we will be delighted to help...

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