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Director resignation service

We can handle your director resignation process smoothly while following all the legal requirements. Our team will fill in the required forms and other paperwork and file it to the Companies House on your behalf after getting your approval.

Why choose our service for director resignation process?

  • With vast experience in UK company law and Companies House regulations, we can ensure the resignation of your director is done the right way
  • Our team will complete all the relevant paperwork
  • Our team will ensure all legal process are followed
  • Avoid stressful compliance and formalities

Can a limited company director be forcefully removed by shareholders?

Yes, as long as the director is not holding any shares of the company. Basically, directors are appointed by the members of the company (by the shareholders or guarantors) to lawfully manage the daily business activities and finances of your company (applies only if the director is not holding shares). As a result, the members (shareholders) have all the powers to remove a director at any time under certain provisions in your company’s article of association, by ordinary resolution of the company’s member’s or by a disqualification order made from an authorised body.

However, if you wish to remove a director before the contract date of his/her term of office, you must ensure it’s not breaching any company laws or provisions to avoid the director legally sue and receive compensation.

Note: It’s always advisable to go for voluntary resignation and offer the director a severance package to make the resignation process smooth.

What are the normal reasons for director resignation?

  • End of the contract period for the given director
  • Director is unable to devote enough time to perform the required duties
  • Director’s health might be a reason as well
  • Also the director’s sudden death

Either way a director’s resignation (or termination) should be notified to the Companies House within 14 days from the date of exit.

Can you also help us with new director appointment process?

Yes, we can help you appoint a new director the right way following all the required regulations and paperwork and if required we can also make confirmation statement to the Companies House.

What is included in our price?

  • Resignation letter for the director to sign
  • Board meeting minutes, as required by law
  • Filing the form required with Companies House, as required by law

How the service works

  • Click the ‘Order Now’ button
  • Enter the information of the director resignation
  • We will file the required forms electronically with Companies House and supply you with the paperwork by e-mail within 3 working days.

Director appointment (or resignation) - £19

Director appointment

Would you like help with appointment or resignation of a director? Just contact us and we will handle everything for you.

Order now £19 +vat

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