Dormant Company Accounting – with Confirmation Statement Filing

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Dormant company accounting

(With Confirmation Statement Filing)

We can handle your dormant company’s accounts and ensure its annual confirmation filing is done the right way to ensure good standing with the Companies House. Our team will ensure your company is compliant of all legal requirements of HMRC and Companies House till you choose to restore trading with it.

What qualifies as a dormant company?

A company is considered dormant if there isn’t a significant number of accounting transactions since incorporation, or since the last filing of accounts. Generally, a company is deemed dormant if it has not traded.

Note: Even if the company has not traded, it must still file accounts from within 9 months of it is accounting reference date. And is also required to file confirmation statement every year, failing either of the above could result in penalty or worse.

Accounts filing is not to be confused with the confirmation statement filing (previously known as annual returns). Confirmation statement filing is a record of general information about the company and has nothing to do with financial information.

You don’t have to worry of either of the above process as we will handle your dormant company’s accounts and confirmation statement filing.

What’s included in our dormant company accounts?

Our dormant company accounting service also includes confirmation statement filing. Our dormant company accounting service is available for companies limited by shares and limited by guarantee. We will notify HMRC, file confirmation statement, submit dormant company accounts and keep company active until you start to trade. If you do not file confirmation statement and notify HMRC there is a risk of your company getting struck off from the register. You can avoid the risk of your new company getting struck off using this service.

What is a dormant company?

In general, a company is deemed dormant if it has not traded during the accounting year. A company is dormant if there isn’t a significant number of accounting transactions since incorporation, or since the last filing of accounts.

What is dormant company accounting?

Accounts that are filed at companies for companies that are dormant (not traded during the accounting year) is called as dormant company accounting.

What details do you need to file my dormant company accounts?

  • Company name
  • Company number
  • Accounting reference date (ARD)
  • Webfiling authentication code
  • Name of one director
  • Copy of the bank statement (if company has bank account)

If the company was formed through Mint formations, we will have all the details other than the bank statement. We also need confirmation that the shares in the company are paid or unpaid. By default, we will enter all the shares as paid. If otherwise, you should advise us in writing when we contact you before filing the accounts.

Can you help me dissolve my limited company instead?

Yes, we can help you on limited company dissolution process and take care of all the paperwork and following all legal requirements. Please visit our company dissolution service page for more information.

What is webfiling authentication code?

It is a 6-digit alphanumeric code issued by Companies House during the registration process. If you have registered your company through Mint Formations, you can get it from our online company portal. If you do not have the authentication code, we can request it from Companies House and they will send it to your registered office.

Can I use your dormant company accounting service even if I have not formed my company through Mint Formations?

Yes, you can file dormant company accounts even if the company is not registered through mint formations. However, we need all the details including the company name, number, webfiling authentication code, name of one director and the share capital information. We also need confirmation if the shares are paid or unpaid. By default, we will mark all the shares as paid.

Do you also offer confirmation statement filing service for an actively trading limited company?

Yes, we can take care of filing confirmation statement for your limited company by taking care of all the paperwork and legal requirements. Please visit our confirmation statement filing page for more information.

When and how often the dormant accounts must be filed?

For any company, accounts must be filed every financial year. For a new company, it must be filed within 21 months of incorporation or within 9 months of accounting reference date (ARD). For example, a company registered on 13 January 2015, will have the accounting reference date of 31 January 2016. The deadline for filing the accounts for this company will be 31 October 2016.

What if the company accounts are not filed on time?

You will have to pay penalties if you don’t file your accounts with Companies House by the deadline.

What penalty is imposed by Companies House for late filing?

Time after the deadline penalty (for private limited companies)

  • • Up to 1 month - £150
  • • 1 to 3 months - £375
  • • 3 to 6 months - £750
  • • More than 6 months - £1,500

The penalty is doubled if your accounts are late 2 years in a row.

Are there any ways to avoid paying late filing penalty?

  • Instead of filing accounts, you can dissolve the company
  • File the accounts and then appeal against the penalty. You appeal may not be successful

Dormant company accounting - £79

Dormant company accounting

File your dormant company accounts along with confirmation statement and keep your company active for the next 12 months.

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