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Post incorporation

When and how will I receive my company documents?

As soon as Companies House informs us that it has registered your company, we will send you an email with PDF copies of your incorporation documents. (Note: If you have ordered paper copies of these documents, or if they are included with your registration package, we will post these out to you by royal mail)

Where should I keep my company documents?

You could keep them electronically. Hard copies shall be maintained by the directors.

Do I need to inform Companies House of any changes made?

Yes, and rules do apply. For example, the appointment of a director must be notified to Companies House within 14 days of appointment. You can use our services, third party services, or deal directly with Companies House.

How much will it cost to change company details?

Changes can be made by using our online admin portal. Most changes or filings do not incur a charge from Companies House. However, there is Companies House filing fee for Confirmation Statements and change of name. When you order these services from us, we will take care of everything and ensure compliance.

How do I close (dissolve) my company?

Provided there are no creditors, you can file a DS01 form either using our services, third-party services, or directly with Companies House.

Can the Company trade under a different name?

Yes, provided legal name is displayed as required by law.

Can I transfer shares or issue more shares?

Shares can be transferred at any time after company formation, and you may also increase your company's share capital by issuing more shares. Both these actions require approval of the director. There is no restriction to the total quantity of shares a company can issue, unless the articles of association contain a provision of authorised share capital.

Where do I have to display my company name?

If your company is trading, you must also display the legal name, company number and the address where the company is registered (e.g. England) in all stationery including websites.

Do I need a business bank account?

Legally, you do not need to have a business bank account. However, in practice you should use one for the purposes of legal accounting, setting aside company money (e.g. corporation tax) and trade with others.

Can I change my registered office address?

Yes, either using our services, third-party services or directly with Companies House.

Can I make changes to my company after incorporation?

Yes, either using our services, third-party services or directly with Companies House.

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