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Issue of shares for limited company

We can help you issue new shares for new or existing shareholders the right way by following all the legal requirements. When issuing new shares, you must inform the Companies House about the changes to your company’s share structure. Our team will handle all the paper work and fill in the required forms and then submit it on your behalf (after getting your approval).

Issue of shares process in detail:

Companies House requires you to include a notice about the changes you have made and a statement declaring the following:

  • Total number of your company’s shares
  • Total value of those shares
  • How many shares have been paid for or not paid for

Your company’s shares might be normal (ordinary shares) or have special rights or restrictions.

Additionally, for each type of share your company has, you must declare the following:

  • The rights that come with the shares
  • How many shares you have issued for your company
  • The total value of shares before any additional costs are added

Breathe a sigh of relief, as our team will take care of all the above-mentioned process and ensure all legal practices are followed perfectly.

What are the requirements for issue of new shares?

When you issue new shares for your UK limited company, you must file all the changes made Companies House and may also need to pass a special resolution by your company’s shareholders and directors. A special resolution is needed to pass your company’s issue of shares if it includes the following:

  • To change the number of shares your company has and their total value (This is part of your company’s income that comes from shares)
  • To change how your company’s shares are distributed
  • To cancel any of your company’s shares
  • To change your company’s shares into other currencies (denominate)

Please note that if you issue more shares in your company, you must inform the Companies House within a month. For any above-mentioned changes to your share structure, you must inform the Companies House within the next 21 days.

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Issue of shares

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